Our future is in the forest.

Gitxsan Forests Inc. (GFI) manages forest opportunities in the territories, including its own 387,879m³ forest tenure in the Kispiox Timber Supply Area. The holistic management of GFI’s forestry license is central to the company’s business plan and long-term sustainability.

A sawmill site was purchased in 2012 to facilitate the company’s sustainable forestry plans, including forestry, sawmilling, pellets and power. By combining these four operations, the plan creates a completely closed loop forestry operation, using all biomass extracted from Gitxsan forests - from treetop to the forest floor.


Gitxsan FSP Legal Document

Gitxsan FSP 2018 - 1

Gitxsan FSP 2018 - 2

Gitxsan FSP 2018 - 3

Gitxsan FSP 2018 - 4

Gitxsan FSP 2019 Ammendment 1


A forestry division that focuses on logging, reforestation, sustainable forest projects, wood waste exporting and forest management.



Brinkman Forest Ltd.
Brinkman Forest Ltd. is well known for forestry management, ecosystem restoration, and agriculture land management services, with operations in North, South and Central America. Brinkman and GFI have created a limited partnership to manage the Gitxsan’s forestry interests and are pursuing natural gas pipeline procurement opportunities such as cutting and clearing and camp services through the Gitxsan Pipelines Services JV.
Britco has a strategic alliance with GDC for the infrastructure for their camp services offering. Britco provides temporary and permanent commercial modular buildings and turnkey construction project management to a wide range of customers.