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Gitxsan Energy Inc. (GEI) has an energy plan that sets out a strategy for renewable energy development in the territory. We are developing several district heating systems for communities in Northwest BC, highlighting our strategic alliance with Evergreen BioHeat Ltd.  We continue to investigate and evaluate sustainable business options based on our strategic plan.

Evergreen Bioheat Ltd.
Evergreen BioHeat provides cost-effective renewable thermal energy to industrial, commercial and public sector clients with the aim to reduce energy costs and eliminate CO2 emissions while stimulating the local economy.

Bulk Pellet Sales & Delivery


  • Bulk pellets are picked up from our supplier Skeena Sawmill in Terrace, BC
  • Pellets do have a high BTU value
  • Pellets are made from a combination of soft woods and hard woods, primarily Hemlock
  • These pellets are currently being used at GWES, Gitanmaax Food & Fuel and Gitxsan Safety Services garage


  • $280 per 1 ton of pellets plus a delivery charge (dependant on location) - You must have a container/space to take your full order of 1 ton (or more)


  • All sales of residental and commercial use of pellets are PST exempt so just GST 5% will be added to the cost of the pellets
  • All sales delivered on reserve will be PST and GST exempt with copy of Status Card


  • There will be a delivery charge on bulk orders of 1 ton (or more) dependant on your location
  • No delivery charges if you pick up (Payment must be received first and please mention if you’d like to pick up so it can be arranged


  • E-transfer: and purchase order # options
  • Payment must be received before delivery or pick up is scheduled

Contact Info:

Andrew Jones
Text or call: 250-842-3473 (Monday to Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm) (Anytime including after hours)