Gitxsan Development Announces Breaking Ground on New Office Building

August 26, 2019

We are excited to announce that Gitxsan Development Corporation (GDC) has officially broken ground for the development of their new office building.  Over the last number of years, GDC has grown exponentially and their current office space lacks the capacity for their ongoing operations.  This office is the foundation for the development of a wood-centric industrial complex in the region which will host a number of businesses. This state of the arc office building site plan was funded by Northern Development Initiative Trust’s competitive consulting rebate. With the impending office building, multiple individuals are part of the development process. In early August an identified heavy equipment operator will be onsite. In addition, GDC employs a number of high school students in the summer through their career discoveries program who have been diligently working onsite to develop the surroundings of the office building primarily landscaping and trail building. With the office building breaking ground, we are excited for the next steps of this project and working towards its completion. The office building will be host to a call centre for BC SafetyLink, and a brand new Gitxsan Training Centre. We plan to continually be updating the community on the progression of this project and are excited about the community benefits and growth.