April 06, 2021

Dear Community Members,

As has previously been announced, Gitxsan Development Corporation is under new executive management.

Rick Connors served as Chief Executive Officer since the incorporation of Gitxsan Development Corporation in 2011.  The GDC Board of Directors accepted his resignation in the fall of 2020, and determined that in the best interests of the organization, his role would conclude at the end of March, 2021.

GDC is now led by Chaz Ware, who assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer, and Kelsey Harmse, who assumed the role of Chief Administrative Officer in January. Chaz and Kelsey have begun implementing transformational, strategic plans that position GDC for growth, agility and enhanced business capacity over the coming years. 

The leadership and staff of GDC are working together to reset the vision, mission and values of GDC, with a commitment to serve the Gitxsan people and community through inclusion, truth and transparency.

We look forward to keeping the community updated on GDC’s activities and progress on an ongoing basis, and our leadership is open to the ideas and input of the community as we move forward!