Career Discoveries win 1st place in Pioneer Day parade!

August 14, 2018

August 11, 2018 marked the 45th annual Pioneer Day in Old Hazelton, BC.

Career Discoveries is a youth initiative that was started in June 2014. Over the past 4 years, including this year, there have been approximately 109 students. Career Discoveries is a non-profit initiative of Gitxsan Development Corporation that we are extremely proud of. Our program exposes participants to various trades, life skills, decision making, leadership and other tools to build job-finding and job-keeping behaviours, essential to success in future careers. We’re focused on bringing positive change by empowering and equipping youth for more employment potential and a far better future.

The Career Discoveries group this year consists of 12 students who have been employed for the summer over at our South Hazelton Mill Site. They are a great group who has worked hard and who have raised the bar for the level of expectation and productivity from our program. 

This group started working on their idea for the Pioneer Day parade float on August 7th. They worked hard for 2.5 days building everything from scratch: the house, mailbox, chairs and picket fence. They came up with the “Up” theme themselves and we loved that the main character was 78 years old and was finally fulfilling a lifelong dream. The movies theme of “Adventure is out there” is a great idea for everyone to embrace!

The students designed and built the replica of the house, picket fence and mailbox using recycled and scrap wood from the mill site. The Gitxsan Chiefs Office donated some leftover unused paint from their office. Angela Woods donated over half of the (60) balloons. Gitxsan Development Corporation purchased the remaining balloons and paid to have them filled up with helium and also purchased some small cans of paint, paintbrushes and the poster paper, green tissue paper to mimic grass, poster paper, etc. So thank you to everyone who helped and contributed to make the kids Pioneer Day experience a great one!

Last but not least, the Career Discoveries students also came up with their costume ideas and worked together gathering things that hey had at home. Career Discoveries and GDC staff all pulled together to get the remaining finishes touches complete on their parade float entry on the day of Pioneer Day.

Last year the Career Discoveries program placed third in the Pioneer Day parade. This years students were told about last years success and took it as a challenge to go all in and place first. They did it! We’re all very proud of them and their hard work not only on their first place in the parade but the hard work that they’ve shown all summer!

Collecting recycled wood from a demo.