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Gitxsan Energy Inc. is open for business!


  • Bulk pellets are picked up from our supplier Skeena Sawmill in Terrace, BC
  • Pellets do have a high BTU value
  • Pellets are made from a combination of soft woods and hard woods, primarily Hemlock
  • These pellets are currently being used at GWES, Gitanmaax Food & Fuel and Gitxsan Safety Services garage


  • $280 per 1 ton of pellets plus a delivery charge (dependant on location) – You must have a container/space to take your full order of 1 ton (or more)
  • $47 per 334lb container, requires a $150 deposit per container, plus delivery. Once container is nearly empty, call us and we will pick up the empty container and drop off a new filled container for $47 plus delivery


  • All sales of residental and commercial use of pellets are PST exempt so just GST 5% will be added to the cost of the pellets
  • All sales delivered on reserve will be PST and GST exempt with copy of Status Card


  • There will be a delivery charge on bulk orders of 1 ton (or more) dependant on your location
  • Recurring delivery charge (dependant on your location) for the container swap for each time a container is swapped out/delivered
  • Delivery charges for:
    Hazeltons & Area (New Hazelton, Hagwilget, Two Mile, Gitanmaax, Hazelton, Sik-e-dakh, Kispiox): $25, South Hazelton: $15, Gitsegukla & Gitwangak: $50, Gitanyow: $70, Witset: $50, Smithers & Telkwa: $70 *Plus GST if applicable
  • We can only do bulk truck deliveries of 1 ton or more (provided you have your own approved container(s)) to Terrace & Kitimat
  • No delivery charges if you pick up (Payment must be receiver first and please mention if you’d like to pick up so it can be arranged


  • E-transfer: and purchase order # options
  • Payment must be received before delivery or pick up is scheduled

Contact Info:

Jeneen Woods
Text or call: 250-842-3473 (Monday to Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm) (Anytime including after hours)