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Career Discoveries

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Canada’s fastest growing, youngest and largest under-leveraged asset is Aboriginal youth. Through our Career Discoveries initiative, GDC is providing critical support to transform Gitxsan youth into more confident individuals, with skills and passions that are better matched to opportunities in the workforce. Our programs help youth overcome their barriers to stay in school, acquire the knowledge and leadership skills they need to plan a career path, and get connected to workplace opportunities within a career-of-choice, in order to become valuable members of the workforce and contributors to a more robust economy.

We are extremely proud of this initiative, and, as of June 2016, have worked with over 85 students during the school year and summer months between 2014 to present. GDC sponsors programming in schools, youth centres and community venues, and hosts students at camps and training events. We are strengthening partnerships and reaching out broadly to generate support and hands-on involvement from business and the community, government, educators and the training sector. Still, much more can be done and one of the goals of Career Discoveries is to pursue funding, partnerships and innovative ways to provide hands-on experiential learning.

Career Discoveries is a non-profit initiative of Gitxsan Development Corporation. We recognize the numerous barriers for job readiness faced by youth in the Gitxsan region. Our programs expose participants to various trades, life skills, decision making, leadership and other tools to build job-finding and job-keeping behaviours, essential to success in future careers. 

Here, professionals help mentor and teach valuable work and life skills, in hopes of assisting youth towards obtaining rewarding skill-based careers. Students are encouraged to think of their feet as well as to work as individuals and as a team. During the annual summer camps and/or work experiences, industries such as forestry, construction, safety services, or culinary arts are introduced to participants. These participants also learn about Gitxsan traditions and culture, and receive guidance from elders and other community experts. 

We’re focused on bringing positive change by empowering and equipping youth for more employment potential and a far better future.

Career Discoveries is looking for motivated and responsible individuals who are ready to take the next steps toward their future.
If this sounds like you and you’re serious about building your future, then let’s get started!

To apply, please fill out our General Application form here: http://tinyurl.com/GitxsanTraining

Basic Requirements:

    • In grades 10 -12
    • A good level of fitness
    • A teacher reference
    • A willingness to learn
    • Completed Career Discoveries application
    • A positive attitude

Join us in igniting the potential of youth to build a STRONGER Gitxsan community.

Sponsorship Program

Be a part of someone’s future.


Through sponsorship you provide opportunities for Aboriginal youth to explore resource-based careers and prepare for a better future. Students in our high quality skills training programs are mentored by industry experts while earning High School and pre-apprenticeship credit hours.

Your contribution makes a lasting impact on students, aspiring leaders, industry and the community. Join us in igniting the potential of youth to build a STRONGER Gitxsan community!

Career Discoveries e-brochure that will give you a better sense of the program (pdf format): Career Discoveries e-brochure

  • Sponsoring 10 Students – One Year Tuition
  • Staff-Student Mentorship Opportunities
  • Priority Recognition at Official Events & Activities
  • Sponsoring 4 Students – One Year Tuition
  • Staff-Student Mentorship Opportunities
  • Priority Recognition at Official Events & Activities
  • Sponsoring 2 Students – One Year Tuition 
  • Staff-Student Mentorship Opportunities
  • Recognition at Official Events & Activities
  • Sponsoring 1 Students – One Year Tuition
  • Student-Staff Mentorship Opportunities
  • Recognition at Official Events & Activities
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If you have a heart for youth and want to lend your talent and time to this program, we want to hear from you!

Learn more about Career Discoveries

Karla Rockwell
Karla Rockwell
Director of HR & Youth Initiatives

Tel: 604.970.9960
Email: karla@gitxsanbusiness.com