Soaring above expectations.
Gitxsan Transportation Inc. (GTI) provides aviation services in the region through the provision of fuel services and heli-pad services. We also offer helicopter and fixed-wing solutions through the strategic alliances with multiple aviation companies. GTI currently provides jet fuel alongside GDC’s helicopter base (HZL) located in South Hazelton. Our partner, Northwest Fuel, provides our fuel station with needed the gasoline.

Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd.

Yellowhead Helicopters provides helicopter solutions throughout BC and Alberta for clients in forestry, firefighting support, as well as mining and pipeline operations. They provide power line patrolling, airborne surveys, vegetation management, and wildlife surveys.

North Cariboo Air 

North Cariboo Air has been providing fixed wing solutions to remote communities in BC and Western Canada for over 50 years, with a fleet of over 30 aircraft.