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With GDC’s training program, every trainee will have the potential to obtain skills and an understanding of their desired field, ultimately opening doors to the world’s work force.


With GDC’s training program, every trainee will have the potential to obtain skills and an understanding of their desired field, ultimately opening doors to the world’s work force.


Upcoming Training 2018/2019

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Are you an experienced carpenter?
Are you ready to challenge the Red Seal certification?
We can help!

Challenge Certification/Recognize Prior Experience
If you have significant work experience in a trade but have never been certified in Canada, you may apply to challenge the certification. Each level requires an application and a written exam. Upon successfully passing that level you can move on to challenge the next level(s).

What is the benefit of a red seal?
The Red Seal basically provides a stamp of approval on the tradesman’s capabilities and provides
greater mobility for skilled workers across Canada. The Red Seal program allows qualified tradespeople to practice their trade anywhere in Canada where the trade is designated. The Red Seal is the national standard of excellence for skilled trades in Canada. The Red Seal is a leading endorsement for skilled workers in Canada and provides a tradesperson with a competitive hiring advantage.

You should be proficient in the following to challenge Level 1:

  • Safe Work Practices
    • Apply Personal Safety Practices
  • Documentation and Organizational Skills
    • Use Construction Drawings and Specifications
    • Interpret Building Codes and Bylaws
    • Plan and Organize Work
    • Perform Trade Math
  • Tools and Equipment
    • Use Hand Tools
    • Use Portable Power Tools
    • Use Stationary Power Tools
  • Survey Instruments and Equipment
    • Use Levelling Instruments and Equipment
  • Access, Rigging and Hoisting Equipment
    • Use Ladders, Scaffolds and Access Equipment
    • Use Rigging and Hoisting Equipment
  • Site Layout
    • Layout Building Locations
  • Concrete Framework
    • Use Concrete Types, Materials, Additives and Treatments   
    • Select Concrete Forming Systems
    • Build Footing and Vertical Framework
    • Build Slab-On-Grade Forms and Suspended Slab Forms
    • Install Reinforcement and Embedded Items
    • Place and Finish Concrete
  • Wood Frame Construction
    • Describe Wood Frame Construction
    • Select Framing Materials
    • Build Floor Systems
    • Build Stair Systems
    • Build Decks and Exterior Structures
  • Building Science
    • Control the Forces Acting on a Building

There is an application process that we will help you with and submit on your behalf. All applications are reviewed by ITA and the results will be sent directly to you. Prcessing time is approximately 6-8 weeks. Upon approval, the applicant will be sent an acceptance letter. We’d like to get a group of experienced carpenters to prepare and take the exam together ASAP. Exams take place at the Service BC Office (Hazelton has one).

We will purchase the required textbook(s) to help you use as a study guide in preparation for the exam, as well as, bring in a Red Seal instructor for one week to help you prepare!

To Apply:

Step 1 - Please fill out our online enrolment form at:
Step 2 - Send a copy of your cover letter, resume and status card to:

You also need to fill out the ITA form to challenge level 1 (2 or 3): Carpentry Challenge Level Exam Application
If you have 5+ years experience and can verify that you have worked at least 9,540 hours and would like to challenge Red Seal certification, you need to fill out this form: Carpentry Challenge Red Seal Certification/Supervision Sign-Off Authority and you will also need to get employers to fill out this form: Employer Declaration of Work Experience. Here are some instruction to help you with the application process to challenge for Red Seal certification: Instructions to Challenge Red Seal/Sign-Off Authority

Please fill out the appication form in full and return to Tracey or Jeneen. We will submit the applications as a group. We are hoping to bring in the Red Seal instructor to Hazelton in the Fall. Applications should be submitted no later than the end of July at the latest.

Start Date: October 7, 2019 to November 29, 2019
Location: TBD

RMOT 165 Part A: Compliance & Communication
October 7-11

RMOT 165 Part B: Compliance & Communication
October 15-18

NREN 024: Essential Field Skills
October 21-25

NREN 023: Land Monitoring Skills
October 28-November 1

NREN 026: Fish & Fish Habitat Electrofishing Certification
November 4-8

Week Break: November 11-15

NREN 022: Construction Site Monitoring
November 18-22

NREN 025: Water Monitoring Skills
November 25-29

Upcon successful completion of this program, you will be eligible for the VIU Environmental Technician Certificate.


How to apply:

In order to determine interest and dedication, interviews will be held with those that submit their resume by the deadline.


Your enrolment package is complete only after we have received everything below:


Note: Your cover letter, resume and copy of your status card are to be sent to:
Only after they are received and the online enrolment form is filled out will your application be considered complete.