Recertification & Upgrading

A focus of GDC as a company is to deliver products and services that lead to sustainable employment on an individualized basis and to attain job skills that are both marketable and transferable to any job market.

Some examples of the training/courses we have supported are:

  • OFA1
  • OFA3
  • S100
  • Driver's Licence (Class 1, Class 2, Class 4, Class 5)
  • Upgrading for University
  • Many more!

How to Apply:
Step 1 - Fill out our new and improved online Enrolment Form:

Step 2 - Send a copy of your cover letter (stating how this course or recertification will increase the chances of getting and maintaining employment) , resume & status card to:

Step 3 - In your email, include information on the cost of the course & what is included in the cost (tuition, books, etc.), where and with who the training is provided and an acceptance letter from the training provider stating they have a spot in the course available for you.