Pilot Driver Training

Start Date:

  • TBD


Pilot cars serve to warn traffic of the presence of an oversize load being moved by truck on highways, freeways and other roads, and sometimes to create a traffic break to allow large loads to maneuver. Regulations for pilot cars vary by province and not all provinces require that pilot car drivers be certified. Still, it’s important for pilot car drivers to have enough training to be familiar with the laws in effect where they drive.

Training Hours

Please note, after completion of the Pilot Driver training, you will need to put in some training hours before being hired by Gitxsan Safety Services. These hours are unpaid as it is part of your training but you will get your required hours in by going on live runs with some of our
experienced GSS pilot drivers.

Pilot Driver Prerequisites

  • Pilot Driver Licence
  • Valid Class 5 Driver’s Licence
  • Clear Driver’s Abstract
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Training hours
  • Valid TCP Ticket

If you already have all of the above prerequisites, you can apply for a Pilot Driver position by filling out an application at:

Video courtesy of Rob Matthews on a Pilot Driver run with Gitxsan Safety Services.