Environmental Stewardship

Start Date

  • FRST 246 is a recommended course - February 4-8, 2019
  • Environmental Stewardship program - March 25 - May 19 2019


  • Participants must be a minimum of 19 years,
  • Have successfully completed  a minimum of grade 10, 
  • A high school diploma is preferred, 
  • And be in good physical condition to fully participate in field work.

The first course will FRST 256 – on the week of February 4th with the Introduction to Forestry group and then would start the Stewardship Technician Training Program as follows:

RMOT 165 Part A- Compliance and Communication

  • Gain knowledge of environmental legislation, improvecommunication skills, and learn safety protocols for conductingfield checks to monitor compliance

NREN 024 – Essential Monitoring Skills

  • Learn and improve skills such as taking field notes, using keyfield equipment, following safety protocols, collecting data,reading maps, and navigating.

ABOR 055- Cultural Awareness Course

RMOT 151- Small Motor Servicing - 3 Credits

  • Introduction to the operation and maintenance of small two andfour-stroke engines. Includes troubleshooting and field repair.


ABOR 053 – Archaeology & RISC Assessment

  • Successful completion-Archaeology & CMT Inventory (RISC through the BC Archaeological Branch

NREN 023 – Land Monitoring Skills

  • Standard vegetation, soil and wildlife sampling and monitoringfield skills for forestry and other terrestrial applications.

RMOT 165 Part B Compliance & Communication

  • Successful completion of RMOT 165 Part A & B – 3 credits