Basic Security Training


Security Professionals working in the province of British Columbia are required to complete mandatory training prior to being eligible for provincial licensing.  You must be 19 years of age before you can apply for your Security Worker License.

Mandatory BST training is 40 hours in length, and focuses on the following content:

  • Professionalism & Ethics
  • Legal Studies
  • Report Writing
  • Personal Safety


You are not eligible to apply for your Security Worker License and work as a security professional until you are 19 years of age. On completion of the online training, students must pass a final exam with a score of 60%. 

Security Worker's License

Upon successful completion of the Basic Security Training, we will help you apply for your Security Worker's License. You will need to have the following prior to applying for the license:

  • A copy of your BST certificate
  • A copy of your birth certificate
  • A copy of photo I.D. (Driver's licence, Status Card, BC ID, etc.)
  • Passport photos
  • Complete application form for New Security Worker's License
  • Clear Criminal Record Check
  • Fingerprints from the RCMP